Bay Area Eritrean for Democratic Change

A non-profit organization which advocate for freedom and democracy


  • Advocate for a constitutional system of government that ensures peace, democracy, justice and rule of law in Eritrea thereby also ensuring respect, protection, fulfillment and promotion of the fundamental freedoms and rights of Eritreans inside and outside the country
  • Strive to create platforms that would help enhance harmony and cooperation among Eritreans and Eritrean groups and organizations through improving the quality of public discourse and communication based on mutual respect and understanding thereby building the trust, collaborative spirit and mobilization necessary in fueling efforts aimed at bringing democracy and rule of law in the country. Thus, BAEDC shall endeavor to promote dialogues, tolerance, inclusiveness and transparency and accountability as a way of eradicating divisions and polarization of our society.
  • Develop or take part in developing strategies to mobilize the Eritrean public to achieve the above goals and objectives. It is believed that infusing social and cultural elements within the above activities will serve to strengthen the spirit and health of collaboration and unity among us, Eritreans.
  • Support and work with any organization or group that is democratically founded to ensure peace, democracy, justice, and rule of law in Eritrea.