About Us

Bay Area Eritrean for Democratic change

BAEDC is an local umbrella(not a political party) organization was founded right after Lampadusa tragedy on 12/7/2013 where Bay Area Eritrean individuals from different political parties, civic organizations and independent individuals came together to work in unison and founded BAEDC with the following agreement. 

We, Eritreans and Eritrean-Americans, residing in the Bay Area and environs, California, united in our common quest for a democratic and accountable government in Eritrea and our conviction to end the suffering of our people inside and outside the country:

Very concerned with the continued alarming exodus of Eritreans from Eritrea and lack of protection accorded to them during their journeys searching for safety and protection, and the continued deterioration of the situation in Eritrea;

Noting that the main cause for the exodus of Eritreans from Eritrea and continued deterioration of the condition in the Country is the repression, gross human rights violations and atrocities perpetrated by the Eritrean Government and the latter’s implementation of indefinite national service policy and the absence of rule of law in Eritrea

Conscious of our national and moral duty to work, in collaboration with other Eritreans, locally, regionally and throughout the world, to end the dictatorship in Eritrea thereby saving our people and country from more suffering and destruction.

Convinced that in order to build a strong and advanced country, it is necessary that democracy, rule of law and respect for human rights, which are the building blocks of economic and political development, be realized and also that our solidarity and unity, equality, love for truth and justice, self-reliance, and hard work, which we nurtured during our struggle for independence and which helped us to prevail over repression and occupation, become the core principle of our values and solidarity for change;

Realizing that in order to effectively achieve the above goals it is necessary that we create a platform through which we work harmoniously based on transparency, accountability and tolerance free from any bias on account of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, age, region, social status and political affiliation towards one another;

Hereby decide to form BAEDC on this 7thDate of December 2013.